About Us

What We Value

  • Intentional Flow: Align purpose with action, values & well-being.

  • Mindful Mastery: Cultivate continuous growth, and reach your potential.

  • Empowered Tribe: Build thriving communities through shared values & support.

  • Authentic Impact: Walk the talk, inspire transparency, and make a difference.

  • Holistic Harmony: Prioritize well-being, and fulfill your life & business aspirations.

By embodying these values, The Intentional Entrepreneur can help entrepreneurs build successful businesses while caring for their mental, emotional, and physical health.


Simplify to amplify. Design powerful businesses, build balanced lives, thrive in vibrant connections.


A world where transformative coaching unlocks purpose, empowers mindful businesses, and fosters thriving communities.

Join Me...

In creating a culture of support and resilience, where everyone can thrive.